What bag will be your go-to bag this spring?

  1. Just wondering as I think about my next purchase! I am lusting after the Tivoli PM, but wonder if it is more a winter bag...
  2. Something azur ...
  3. I don't think that the Tivoli is just a winter bag! It can totally be used year-round! :yes:

    I plan on either getting the Melville Messenger or the Naviglio?
  4. Dear Lord, I can't believe I'm saying this but this spring I will be purchasing yet ANOTHER bag for the SECOND time that I sold and regretted and now I want it back. (so embarrassing).
  5. azur speedy
  6. i keep seeing azur bags and i want to say that i think i'll be buying one for spring. they just look so pretty! either an azur speedy 30 or azur saleya pm.
  7. 1. Azur saleya PM
    2. Lichen denim neo speedy
  8. Which bag, Traci?

    I love Azur, but I am pretty sure I could not keep it clean! It is beautiful, though!

    I am contemplating going on the waitlist for Tivoli PM, but I have been trying to behave! Last night I used my Beverly Clutch for the very first time and I LOVED it, but I do need a bigger bag. After just getting the Beverly and a Chanel (my first ever high end bags), I feel bad about getting another one so soon, but both of those are small bags and not really for every day!
  9. Don't feel bad, I sold my Neverfull MM awhile back and I ended up buying it again. I was full of regret after selling it.
  10. i wan the WICHITA from the utah range...:heart::yes:
  11. My new Denim Baggy GM that arrived today - It's going to kill me to leave her in the closet until spring!
  12. I just got the Tivoli PM - LOVE LOVE LOVE IT I think it will end up being a year-round bag for me.:rolleyes:
  13. Rhudy, how long did you have to wait for the Tivoli PM? Did you buy it from a boutique or other?
  14. Plan to get the Epi Lockit in Ivorie this Spring.
  15. Hopefully, if it ever comes out, the Azur Neverfull...if not who knows!