What bag will be the #1 seller for Fall 07'?

  1. For Fall 07" collection, Which bag do you think the stores will sell out of quickly? I am guessing between the flap w. pearls or the expandable tote. What do you think?
  2. I think the metallic black reissue will sell quickly.
  3. Black Metallic and Light Silver REissue
  4. definitely metallic black reissue
  5. ditto
  6. double (or is it triple?) ditto
  7. Def the metallic black reissue.
  8. metallic black!
  9. metallic black and dark silver reissues
  10. yepperz....the Reissues!
  11. Reissues... guess the dark silver cos it has a longer waiting list...
  12. metallic black reissue..
  13. i must agree and i don't mean to be rude but why does it matter as long as you get what you like the most.. idk i just feel like people wanting to make quick money come here, find out 'what's hot', hog them all up and resell on eBay for ridiculous prices
  14. I don't believe you'll find a "hogger" here. We just like to know what will sell out quickly, because if you snooze, you lose. You have to decide which bags you want ahead of time and get waitlisted, because if it is a really popular bag, it will sell out and you may never get one.
  15. I think the expandable tote(especially RED!)WILL sell the most as its more of an everyday use bag