What Bag Will Be Perfect?

  1. hi ladies n gents...im thinking of grabbing a big bag, but not sure which one to choose..i was thinking of the ultimate soft bag, or the cabas?
    or do you know any others that would be good to carry around or work?
  2. okay this is not a difficult question. the first thing that came to my mind is CABAS!

    hahaha i have the ultimate soft but it's too soft to be used daily, it's lambskin and it's sooo delicate that i'm afraid i might ruin it. i love my cabas! get that!

  3. Between the cabas and the ultimate soft, i much prefer the cabas, the shape of the ultimate soft has lost its appeal (at least for me) over time. And the cabas is a more "hardy" bag as well, easier to maintain especially if you're intending to use this bag for work!
  4. cabas..
  5. Agree with all 3 tpfers' opinions, I have both ultimate soft and baby cabas and I think that cabas is better choice for daily use :tup:
  6. I think the Baby Cabas is the perfect size. It's a great daily bag, and despite the name I never have to worry about babying it. It looks just as good as the day I bought it, which great since the leather is so durable. :yes:

    I adore the ultimate soft, but I doubt I'd ever get one because I've heard of people saying even their SA's discouraged them from buying from that ligne because it's so prone to scratching. Great piece to wear once in a while, but def not to be used on a daily basis.
  7. Cabas. So nice and classy. Looks more hardy too :smash:
  8. Oh, the GST would also be a nice choice. :yes:
  9. The Cabas, GST, and Modern Chain totes are great options.
  10. Cabas, GST or Cerf.
  11. my votes for the Cabas as well :smile:
  12. I personally like the cerf
  13. cabas, gst, and cerf.