What bag was she wearing?

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  1. I checked the reference section and cannot find what I saw. It was black almost hobo kind of style (a little slouch) with black CC on front. It had a black almost chain like handle (not the smaller gold or silver but larger almost looked like plastic and black) but the chain part actually went thru the side of the bag as well.

    Sounds strange but it was stunning. Anyone figure out what it is, how much it is and can it still be bought? It looked new.
  2. Sounds like the Modern Chain ligne. The chain on that ligne is Resin (plastic) and runs through the leather on the bag as well. It comes in a lot of different styles...totes, flaps...I believe that ligne is from 2008 and is all over EBay. HTH :flowers:
  3. You are good! I think that might be what it is although I haven't found exactly it yet. I'll search some more.
  4. Is this the style (not necessarily the bag)???

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  5. Yes but its not the bag.

    I found a thread on here with Kim Kardashian wearing the exact bag I saw. It is very cute. I wonder if it is still available. I bet not.