What bag too buy? HELP

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  1. Hi, Please i need help on deciding what bag too buy.
    I would like a chloe paddington in blue, but its been out a while now and worried it will go out of fashion soon.
    I also like dior Gaucho in white, but i know in a year this bag will difinatly be out of fashion.
    I normally go for classic styles, i hate spending thousands on a bag then in a couple of months its not cool anymore. I have a large collection of LVs and want to go for something different.
    Or does anyone have any other recomendations???
  2. looks like you dont have any balenciagas :smile: get one of those ...
    or maybe a paddy ... in a classic color ....
    try a gucci horsebit hobo maybe ....
  3. What about a Gucci horsebit hobo? Or something from the MJ Ursula collection? The Paddy and Gaucho are both great bags--I just think they're a little too trendy and not an inexpensive purchase.
  4. I love the blue Paddy. I sent mine back to Ron Herman last week (the shape was not right for me) and got a big pocket instead. If you buy from RH it was $1480, or LVR has it now and it would be less if you are in the U.S. It is a gorgeous color and not at all trendy. I think you could carry it forever. Or a whiskey. PM me if you want contact info for Ron Herman.
  5. I love Balenciaga. I'll bet if you tried one you would LOVE it. I would suggest a City, and you have so many wonderful colors to choose from. Let us know what you choose.
  6. i agree! but thats coz i reckon they have great colours and i think every girl should have at least a few FUN bags in her collection!!! :nuts:
  7. Maybe it might be best to wait or preorder from the Fall season. Then you're gauranteed to be fash.

    Or maybe a Dior classic piece then such as a Boston in bright Spring colors or a Gucci piece from their Spring line?
  8. I agree...a Balenciaga would be a nice addition to your collection.
  9. Get a City!
  10. I agree with a Gucci horsebit hobo, or even a regular hobo. Is that all you have in your collection? LV? There's so many options for you, which you'll find on this forum!
  11. i say city balenciaga too, or, why don't you get a muse?????