What bag to wear with Juicy suits?

  1. Hi ladies,
    Its bag season again as well as new clothing stock up time.

    I wanted a bag that I can wear with my Juicy suits and wear it to school and be a bum. However I would still like my bag to be some type of leather... I am not a fan of fabrics. And I want black or something dark colored please.

    I was thinking of either Epi Speedy 25 or the new Chanel deerskin zipped tote 06...are those good with casual wear/sneakers? or which bag do you suggest?

    Pictures would be awesome!! Thanks a ton :smile:
  2. I think an epi speedy would look a little too dressy for such a casual outfit. I am not too sure what the Chanel looks like....
    What about a Chanel cambon bowler? I wear mine all the time with sweats and I love it.
  3. how about balenciaga city?
  4. oh yea a balenciaga would go great! I agree!
  5. Hmm... No cambon anymore. Im completely sick of my Cambon tote. Plus them going on sale makes me not want to buy one now I think :smile:
    Lisa you think Epi Speedy is too dressy? Thats interesting- I thought Epi was generally a dressy line too BUT since it was a speedy I thought the dressiness wasnt was apparent.

    Hmm Ive never bought a Balenciaga before so I'll try it on (if we have any at Holts). Is it big? I like roomy bags.

    Thanks so much for your inputs
  6. i second the chanel option, the lux bowler.
  7. you can wear almost every bag with a juicy suit. They are very versitile!. The only bag I wouldnt wear is an evening bag (Judith Leiber [sp] bag).
  8. Yeah you can wear a ton of different bags with those. The only thing I'd avoid is carrying a bag that's about the same color as your suit..it's too matchy matchy.
    I usually carry an LV multicolore bag..that way, I have the color IN the bag, but my entire bag doesn't match my outfit.
  9. how about the LV Black MC speedy? or trouville?
  10. ITA!:yes:
  11. Louis Vuitton pochettes. They're so cute and girly...a perfect match for a girly Juicy suit.
  12. I agree with the LV pochettes idea. Also try a Kooba - Juicy suits are up for just about anything!
  13. LV speedy or any balenciaga bags would look nice.