What bag to wear in Europe?

  1. I am about to study abroad in Barcelona for the next four months and am wondering what bag to bring. I know there are tons of pick pockets and have been told not to bring designer bags, but i am dying to use my new balenciaga bag i got for christmas. Would you bring nice bags or by something cheap?
  2. I'd probably take one really nice one and one you don't have to worry about.
  3. IMO you're safe to take your bbag with you because it doesn't scream designer. I live in germany and take my designer bags everywhere I go and never had a problem with pickpockets. Madrid is as safe as every other big city.
  4. You'll love Barcelona! DH is from there, and we live there part of the year. Truthfully, I don't see many women there carrying designer purses....it's a very crowded city and yes, there is a thievery problem. I would recommend for general use an inexpensive messenger bag that you can position in front of you as you walk. It's really better to play it safe, particularly since I'm assuming you're not Catalan. Thieves target people who look like they're there visiting, and it's particularly bad around Las Ramblas and areas of the gothic quarter. In the more modern parts of the city; though, you could get away with carrying your BBag. Have a fantastic time!
  5. Barcelona is a great city! You will have a great time! Petty crime is a big problem in Barcelona. When I was there, for everyday I used a cross body bag that I could keep in front of me especially in crowds. One that had good zippers and inside pockets. Take your new bag, but use it for special situations.
  6. What you want is a great hands free messenger. You'll be carrying books to class, traveling on weekends, strolling the city. You want freedom and mobility, and not to worry about carrying a handbag. Get a fabulous hands free to your taste -- I use my Gucci messenger, but Mulberry and many others have logo free messengers if that is not to your liking.
  7. ITA agree with some of the other posts as l have been to Barcelona several times. Use a bag which goes totally across the body particularly around Las Ramblas area as it has been known for thieves on mopeds etc to snatch bags off peoples shoulders. It is a great city to visit and there is plenty to see - have a great time.
  8. my grandparents just came back and this happened to grandma. there were 2 thieves that worked together, one bumped into her hard enough to knock her bag off her shoulder then ran off. 5 mins later another guy came up to her with it saying he found it, then demanded money to get it back. in the end, she only lost her visa card and a couple hundred dollars. but be careful and be sure to have a wonderful time!