What bag to use for laptop?

  1. I want something in the monogram pattern with a carrying/briefcase style.

    I was thinking of either.....

    1-Soft Briefcase
    2-Pegase Briefcase
    3-New Porte-Document Geant

    Would a Sirius45 or Alize 24 heures work even?
  2. New Porte-Document Geant is :drool:
  3. AGREED!:tup::tup::yes:
  4. lockit horizontal ?
  5. The neverfull GM works for me :yes:

    I know it's not on your list, but I thought I'd share...
  6. oops ... here's pix
    neverfull 2.jpg neverfull 1.jpg
  7. i like the soft briefcase but i am afraid the space might be too tight for your other stuff but then if you only to intend to put your laptop and a few documents, it would be perfect!
  8. i have used my Sac Bosphore and it seems to work well for my macbook.
  9. If you want something safe and hard cased try the damier geant messenger!
  10. I second this!!!

    A PF'er recently got the Sabana Computer Case... it's gorgeous!
  11. ^^^ Yup, I totally agree! :tup: I saw this in person and it is so stunning.

  12. Haha, thanks john. I absolutely love the Sabana so much it is now my favorite LV piece ever and i won't leave home without it.

    Many people can't get over the fact that my case cost more then my laptop. LOL