What bag to replace my BH?

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  1. I'm seriously thinking of selling my BH. It's a fabulous bag but it doesn't stay on my shoulder, i don't understand because i never had this problem with other bags. I like the cabas piano but i'm scared it will give the same problem and that i should only buy lv handbags. I also really like the tod's new d bag. I'm open to your bag suggestions! :yes:
  2. I can relate...I had to sell my BH for the same reason. It's a shame, because it was a great bag in every other way! But I couldn't stand the way it slipped off my shoulder every 30 seconds. :cursing:

    You might try the Tulum (PM or GM), another great, large shoulder bag. The one wide strap sits well on the shoulder. If you want something on the casual side, maybe take a look at the Bosphore messenger bag. Or, you might like a Balenciaga City, which is about the same size and shape as the BH but in yummy leather - and has two handles, but also one shoulder strap.
  3. You may like the petit noe. It never falls off my shoulder and it has only one strap. It's the only lv shoulder bag that doesn't fall off my shoulder. Plus, it's such a cute shape and you can get it in colors with epi or in monogram. I must say it took me a year just to want to try it on. There were just so many other bags I wanted and I didn't think I would like it. Now it's my favorite.
  4. ^I second the petit noe! And the regular noe! There's only one thick strap and the bags hold tons of things. And it doesn't feel heavy even if you put a lot of stuff in them.

    I admit that I didn't like the noe, but now that I have one, I love it!
  5. I figured out the reason why my BH never stood on my shoulder. I needed to carry more, so it could add more weight, not a lot where it hurts your shoulder, but enough. If you're still considering to sell your BH, consider getting a one strap bag, if it keep on falling.
  6. I like the BH...maybe what LakersGyrl said will work (sounds good!)...I also like the look of the Noe too...I'm not great with shoulder bags though (I have a Kooba and have become used to it, no slipping straps at all).
  7. I'm so glad to hear it wasn't just me! I gave my BH to my daughter because it wouldn't stay on my shoulder too! I've given up on the LV shoulder bags because of that.
  8. Thanks for the responses!

    I think the weight is definately a factor. But i don't have a problem with my other shoulder bags when i carry few things. Maybe i should make a poll to see if there are more people like charleston-mom and me, just don't know how to make a poll haha.
  9. I was SO disappointed too! I really love this bag - I tried it solid for about 10 days, trying to loop the straps (one over the other, etc.) - Nothing I did - even filling it up, would keep it on my shoulder. Pure frustration! Every time I see it on my daughter I get envious. Now I just ordered a second one for my other daughter who loves it too - and I'll be jealous seeing it on her as well. ARRGHHHH!
  10. My piano did the same thing, but so does my petit noe. I guess i just got used to it.
    Hmm perhaps a handheld bag ?
  11. Yes I am like that (Always having to buy the LV "handbags") but if you want to seel go for it and buy the Tod's!
  12. When we talk about "wearing" a bag, we really do--our shoulders are as individual as we are and not every style will work for everyone. The BH works for me, the Cabas Piano is also good, so obviously we are built differently. Some other bags have not been good shoulder bags for me. The beauty of LV is there are so many different styles to "try on". Good luck finding one that fits you.
  13. I have slope-y shoulders and the BH has on occasional slipped off my shoulders and I can understand your dissapointment with it. I do find weight and winter clothes (making my shoulder less slope-y) help it.

    The noe is a cute alternative. I keep staring at the Azur one, and the epi one that Texas Girl has is so beautiful!
  14. I keind of feel that the handels a a bit too long for me can the petit noe be shorter?
  15. I 2nd the rec for the Petit Noe! Texas Girl's red epi one is gorgeous!!!!:love: I don't have one, but I am seriously contemplating it after seeing the lovely pictures. Plus, I believe you can adjust the length of the strap to suit you better.:yes: