what bag to purchase with $1000?

  1. heyo! as the title says.. what sort of Chanel bags can i get on such a budget? i don't even know what's in store or what's available so any help would be greatly appreciated. it'll be my first chanel handbag.. :biggrin:

  2. Are you looking for new or used? I'm only asking b/c most Chanel bags go for over 1K, but you may be able to get a sweet deal on a used one.

    I'm not that knowledgable about Chanel, but I'm sure other members here can help. GOod luck!
  3. This is so tough. Maybe getting a wallet with that amount? Save a little bit more and you'll be able to get a Chanel bag.
  4. You can get a Cambon Pochette or Mini Messenger. The pochette is super cute!
  5. you can also get some of their cute spring/summer sport bag or patterened fabric bag........here's a few examples:


    and some stores still have the nylon ski bags still available (i think the whole line was under $1000.....i could only find one example)


    and of course the cambon pochette....
  6. new: then pochette in leather..

    but u may be lucky and find used ones for that price :smile: good luck!
  7. Mademoiselle clutch is around $850. It is a beauty.