What bag to match plum dress for wedding??

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  1. What would you pick? I am not really a metallic gal, would white match? Which bag would look best with a dress for a nice formal wedding?
  2. I think a gold clutch would go great!
  3. Gold or silver would be fab...doesn't necessarily have to be with a metallic finish though!
    What color shoes are you wearing?
  4. ^---^ Ditto, and what time of year is the wedding?
  5. Wedding is early may. I have plum shoes to match.
  6. I think gold would just pop against it and look fabulous :biggrin:
  7. I agree that Gold would pop too. Good Luck!
  8. I think the platinum bridgit!! Or maybe that large amanda wristlet in a pop of color or black??
  9. If you don't like metallics, maybe something tan, camel, or citron/yellow? I think white might be too stark a contrast against the plum.
  10. ITA, I think gold would look fab against the purple. Like above poster mentioned maybe something tan would look nice too. But IMO, gold would look even better...lol.
  11. What does the dress and shoes look like?
  12. They are the same color (like the dress), but for some reason like different in the pictures.

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  13. I personally loooove silver with that color...my bridesmaids dresses were a slightly lighter shade than the plum in your pics, called "victorian lilac", and I had them wear silver shoes...but they were actually labeled as taupe, and not metallic-y either. The wedding also happened to be in May.
    So maybe a taupe or gray (just trying to think of options besides metallics, since you said that you were not a fan), or since it's in the springtime, you could go with a pastel color?
  14. how about the new rose gold leather in the stores? they had a small turnlock clutch...
  15. I think teal in the Amanda satin would look AMAZING against plum! :tup: