what bag to go with me on my england/ireland trip?

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  1. :shrugs: What makes a good travel compangion?
  2. when i travelled, the one bag i always carry is my balenciaga weekender.
  3. did you find it cumbersome to carry around everywhere you went though? I'm a light packer as it is, only this time i need to add a water bottle.
  4. OOh - I'm all about big bags on trips (I'm all about big bags at ANY time, really!). I like my Kooba Braedon, or my Prada Doctor bag, b/c I can fit things in like a camera, guidebook, water bottle, etc. I don't want all that stuff free-floating so I look like a tourist! :wlae: I think the Balenciaga would be big, but light - a good option!
  5. I bring the large Miu Miu bow bag. On my last trip it held enough for 5 days. I throw in a really small bag for evenings.
  6. Black Prada Nylon Messenger. Its a gem!