What bag to get?

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  1. hey everyone... i need some advice.... what bag should i get my wife?
    ideas that i had: saleya azur or in the damier, maybe the audra
    suggestions please
  2. saleya or speedy in azur sound great to me. :biggrin:
  3. do you know of any other bags, that are on the "it" list?
  4. prada gauffre is on the "it" list and it's a gorgeous bag...also by balenciaga, just about anything! chanel has awesome bags, too...hope that helps!
  5. Does your wife have a "preferred" designer? What other purses does she carry? Might help to know what her "style" is since all these bags are so different!
  6. [​IMG]
  7. she loves LV.... she metioned a chanel bag... something baca? idk
    she has speedys, looping, sophie,.... well those are the ones that i know of..hahahaha
  8. oh i agree with your wife i think every woman should have at least one chanel or LV
  9. i think you should buy her one either brand as suprise gift