What bag to get next?

Oct 18, 2009
Hi ladies, thanks to all your help, I did get the neverfull in mm and love it! I am also looking for one more bag preferably bigger than MM. What options do I have? Which big bags would you recommend? I don't have any LV stores near me, your opinion is very valuable to me. I was looking into delightful or neverfull gm. What do you all think ?


Life is short. Buy the bag.
Jan 3, 2008
Delightful MM wouldn't be bigger than MM Neverfull. The GM Neverfull would be a good option in a different pattern perhaps. If you are interested in buying preloved, you could check into a Mezzo, or an Alto, or a Totally GM. There is also a discontinued Delightful GM which is huge and lovely.

Good luck deciding!
Oct 25, 2010
I love the look of the Tivoli online (haven't seen it in real life though). Wonder if the straps are long enough to use as a shoulder bag.

Hello... Yes, the Tivoli GM straps are totally long enough to carry on the shoulder. I currently have this bag in rotation, I'll see if I can remember to post a pic! It's quite large and holds a ton of stuff... Can get a little heavy too. =))