What bag to get a recent grad (fem & male)?

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  1. What bag should I get as a gift for a recent graduate (high school or college)? For either gender (suggestions for both, please!)... go for something professional/useful or splurge-worthy and special occasion since it's for a milestone?

  2. For a guy I think something from the LV Damier collection would be perfect.

    For a girl, the options are wide open. Of course, you can always choose from LV, but the classic flat Chanel would be really appreciated too, I'm sure.

    You're very sweet to think of these gifts!
  3. Hehe, I just posted some agenda prices I inquired about in my search. I thought something business-y would be ideal but my sis ended up wanting something splurge-worthy.

    That said, if it was someone other than my sis (or really close friend) I would go business-y. If you don't want to spend a ton Levenger has some beautiful non-designer business accessories. Plus their stuff comes really nicely presented so I like that I can have it sent directly.
  4. ^ is your sister graduating college or high school?
  5. College with no plans for another degree right now. If she was continuing on to Med/Law/Bus/PhD I would probably have held off on a huge gift until she finished her final degree.

  6. Perfect suggestions, ITA!

    I would also look into Dior or Balenciaga for the girl, depending on her tastes.
  7. What is she planning to do afterwards? If it's something businessy, I would go for something business like that she could use everyday - a lot of designers make nice work bags for women. if she's going into a more trendy industry like advertising then she could get away with a 'cooler' or trendier bag.
  8. Amanda I have the perfect bag that you should get. I have pictures I dont know how to upload them. WHat is your email?
  9. Mine is VeggieLover12@yahoo.com I seriously found the best bags that would be perfect. One is a marc jacobs bag one is a Mayle bag and one is a new Anna Sui one
  10. ooo and I have great suggestions on the male bags too