What bag to choose?


More bags, please!
Aug 13, 2010
Hello there :smile:

This September/October My boyfriend wants to buy me my very first designer bag and I have my mind and heart set on an LV.
Speedy - Alma - Tivoli are the ones that I am thinking of. So far. Have not been to the boutique yet. But can you tell me a bit about the cons/pros on each model? I have been reading this forum for ages now. Am slowly falling in lvoe.
Thank you in advance.
Xxx, Christina
Dec 19, 2008
I have all three..

Speedy - Classic, and is at a lower price point. The only con is that its handheld only..

Tivoli - I have the GM and it's ridiculously big and I get bothered with the adjustable straps. The PM is cuter, might be worth getting this over the speedy because it's less common.

Alma - I'm not a fan of it in the monogram canvas. You have to keep in mind that the bottom might get dirty easily since it's entirely vachetta.


Mar 13, 2012
The Speedy 30 was my first designer bag. Love it, it's a gorgeous bag. But it also was my first handbag. Choose wisely if you're not used to handbags. Once I got my Galliera that's when I realized how inconvenient having no shoulder strap can be. Maybe the Speedy B?


Pro shopaholic
Feb 12, 2008
I personally love the Speedy! It's so classic and timeless. I have the Speedy 25 but it's too small for me now and I plan on getting the 35. The Tivoli is also cute but you can't go wrong with the Speedy. IMO I like the Alma in Damier better than Mono. Good luck and don't forget to do a reveal! :smile: