What bag to buy?


Which bag?

  1. Vernis Bedford in pomme

  2. Vernis Roxbury in pomme

  3. Vernis Rosewood in pomme

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  1. ok i am leaving for Vegas this afternoon for the weekend. When i am there i want to get an a bag in vernis. i dont have one yet.

    I cant decide between the bedford, the roxbury or now i am seeing that new rosewood.

    what do you guys think and why if possible? I would like a bag i can put on my shoulder if necessary. and i think i would get any of these in Pomme. i havent seen armante in real life but im not in love with it from the pictures.

    the bags that i have right now and use alot are all speedys so i would like to get something different that maybe i wont use every single day but can use more somewhat often.

    thanks for any help!
  2. i think the most practical of all would be the Bedford. i have 2 and i love them. it would hold more than the Rosewood or the Roxbury, and it would be so pretty in the Pomme d'Amour color
  3. I like the rosewood because of the shape. Also, I think the pocket in the front can be really useful for putting stuff in. IMO any of them are gorgeous and have fun in Vegas!
  4. I'd get the Pomme Rox.
  5. my vote goes to bedford.
  6. My vote is the rosewood.
  7. I would get the Rosewood (first choice) or the Roxbury (second choice). I'm personally not a fan of the Bedford's shape. And I really like the new Rosewood. Just remember to try them all on and then you'll probably discover which one you like best pretty easily. Good luck!
  8. Pomme in Rosewood/Roxbury.
  9. thats for you input guys! i will def. have to try them on, i cant wait to play with all bags lol. i hope i find a nice SA!
  10. My vote is for the bedford.
  11. I will say either rosewood or rox.
  12. i'd go for the Rox!
  13. I would get the Pomme Rox, such a great bag! Have fun in Vegas!
  14. I would go for the roxbury. Have fun in Vegas.
  15. Roxbury for sure

    Bedford: I hate the opening. It's so stiff and I get my hands scratched everytime I give the bag another chance to be purchased. I love the shape however.

    Rosewood: don't like the shape