what bag to buy in Europe?


Feb 18, 2010
california, usa
I am going to Europe this spring with the hubby and I definitely want to get a bag as part souvenir and part wedding anniversary gift. The trip is actually a 2 week tour which includes London, Paris, Switzerland and 5 cities in Italy. I am really excited for the trip and can' t decide on which purse to get, my thoughts are on the following purses.
1. LV NF in damier azur MM
2. PRADA saffiano luxe tote
3. Balenciaga regular city
all 3 bags I really am planning to add to my collection however I do not know which one to get first, given my budget I will definitely get the NF this year either on that vacation or for my birthday, but I can only get either the prada or balenciaga bag this year. I do have a few LVs and recently purchased my 1st bal last year(giant city in bleu lavande) so I do not know if I should go and get my 1st prada in Europe. What do you guys think? All these bags are going on price increase every few months so I am trying to plan out a strategy!


only once you live
Dec 11, 2005
Bag twins (BL Giant City, I'm an RGGH girl ;))

On topic: I'd go for another Bal. Perhaps a RH bag to mix it up; I am biased but I think if you own a lot of LVs (and I'm ASSuming, in neutral colours) I'd get a gorgeous, pop colour Bal.


May 7, 2007
What ever bag you go for, buy them either in Paris or Italy. Switzerland is more expensive.


Feb 18, 2010
california, usa
thanks for your recommendations. I just asked my husband a while ago and he actually preferred for me to get the balenciaga as well.
as for the color, I don't know what they will have at the store, I think I will just decide when I am in the store...no prada votes yet ha?
Jun 6, 2009
Los Angeles County
I'm a big handbag shopper and have been buying them, almost annually in Paris, since the 1970s. I've seen a lot of handbags.

As Paris is handbag paradise, if I were you, I wouldn't only focus on the ones on your list. There are so many great handbags and handbag designers there that I would really shop around. Go to Le Bon Marche department store, in the 7th, and also Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, in the 9th, for a large variety. And then there are the independent boutiques like Sonia Rykiel, Vanessa Bruno, Jamin Puech, and many others.

The situation in Paris could be that the bag that you're looking for might not be in stock or it might be out of date for the Paris collections. I've had this happen to me and am thus very open to different handbags and handbag designers. If Plan A doesn't work, then I move on to Plan B. Smiles. And don't forget to get your detaxe. Have fun shopping!