What bag 'surprised' you, and you 'had' to get it?

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  1. Have you ever been just browsing or intent on getting one thing....and then you spotted something else, fell in love and had to get it?
  2. I was bent on getting a cabas piano or a mezzo...that is, until I saw the noe! When I read how much people could carry with it, I was shocked because it wasn't a bag I wasn't looking into. And then I saw someone where the large noe - it isn't too large or too small, and I realized I had to get it! I'm obsessed with finding one now!
  3. That's what happened with my white mc alma. I was so not liking the mc line and then I saw it irl. The rest is hi$tory.
  4. I went into the store one day for a lockit and walked out with my BV! I'm soooo glad with the choice!
  5. i wanted a gold le fabuleux so bad! but i saw a l'aimable and had to have it
  6. Well on line I seen a MC Rift - and didn't think nothing of it. But in August, I was trying on a Bosphore, and other messenger style bags. And the sales associate brought out the MC Rift. I loved it as soon as I tried it on. It was an expensive first bag. And I had to have it when I put it on. It was so colorful, and I knew I would always enjoy it. And loved mostly the D ring hardware on the purse as well. And now I want a MC Black Alma, mostly for the shape of the Alma, and the studs on the purse (I'm also a fan of the zippers they use on the MC lines). :shame:
  7. I was browsing the forum and syntagma put up her Mini Lin Speedy. Now I'm desperate for one.
  8. I didnt get the bucket style before......but one day while looking for a bag on line....I suddenly felt a pull towards it...

    Then I took some time looking at it in the store and suddenly...I wanted all the Epi and Damier buckets there was......Its like....what happend there? kind of a moment for sure.....
  9. Well I'm the weirdest LV lover, cuz most people are fascinated with the Speedy.... Anyway...I wasn't (and still not... somewhat...). So at first, I hated all speedys with passion, then one day I got hit by lightning and became...ughh....i dunno....ENLIGHTENED by the Multicolore Speedy 30! So i bought it after intense self-questioning.... Now, I htink it's one of the smartest choices I've ever made, however, I still don't like all the speedys from other lines (though, I've eased up on the 'hate with passion' part:biggrin:)
  10. A Cabs Mezzo...and Balenciaga
  11. I went to LV to purchase the Epi Passy and walked out with a Mono Messenger Bosphore PM- go figure:P
  12. I went in to get a bagnitole and I fell in love with the Antigua GM and got it.. really glad I did too.. its a fun weekend look
  13. Yep, walked into LV ready to buy a Damier Speedy 25, ended up falling for the Saleya PM instead on the spot.
  14. i ODed on vuitton in the past two days. tuesday, went in to get a damier duomo, ended up with damier belem pm (looooove it) and mini lin cles.

    never looked at mini lin before i bought the cles... loved the cles material so much so i went back today to pick up the mini lin speedy.... and a LV muffler... serious addiction.
  15. I always use to think the damier was ugly, would always say, 'who the heck would buy THAT?'....fast forward to joining the forum, I saw everyone with thier gorgeous bags and suddenly, I had to have one! Now I have my speedy 25 which I love to death and I know it won't be my last damier. :smile: