What bag should make it's theatrical debut!

  1. Going to see 'Jersey Boys' tonight....very excited! The theatre is pretty low key. I think I want to take a small bag, but that could be a problem if DH wants me to hold his stuff (augh!) Here's what I have narrowed it down to..

    Small choices:
    Silver Mirior pouchette
    cerise lizard pouchette

    Bigger bag choices:
    Silver miroir speedy
    black chanel cambon reporter (I know sorry, it doesn't get used much, so I thought maybe I should)

    Clothes, don't matter much, I can work around any of these.

    What bag should I take?
  2. Miroir Speedy! : )
  3. Lizard pochette or reporter since both need to be taken on a stroll :biggrin:
  4. Aaaw, the Cerise :love:
  5. Mirior Speedy!
  6. Without a doubt, mirior speedy! Have a blast - have heard great things about that show!
  7. Cerise pochette!
  8. The Cerise! Your Miroir Speedy has already had the honor of going to the LV cocktail party in December...let some of your other bags have some fun! :roflmfao:
  9. Cerise Pochette!
  10. Cerises Lizard Pochette!
  11. the cerise lizard pochette! i loveee that bag.

    ohhh have fun tonight and get some pics of your outfit for us!
  12. Lol, so true!
  13. Miroir speedy is most hot right now! It's also the most theatrical IMO.
  14. Miroir Speedy or Pochette
  15. i would say a pouchette. unfortunately people don't get as dressed up for the theatre as they used to. though i still like to look nice!

    have fun! it's supposed to be a great show! one of my clients was up for it this week!