what bag should i use for traveling? need suggestions!

  1. i am going to fly to atlanta (bag needs to hold plane
    tix,toothbrush, book,

    then drive all over atlanta to climb and sightsee
    (needs to hold lipgloss and
    wallet-cash cards keys)

    then drive to kentucky to climb some MORE (can't be
    destroyed by a little dirt or
    sweat on contact)

    want an LV bag to suit all this and to be able to go hands free with!
  2. as always, tia and much tpf luv ladies!
  3. are we talking bag you have already or time to go shopping??
  4. I can't remember which bags you have, but I would go with a Damier Saleya personally. It's cute, it fits on the shoulder, there's no patina and it holds a ton. Plus it zips at the top so you can feel less paranoid about pickpockets or something falling out of your bag.
  5. if you have a BH or saleya, both would work great.
  6. oh dear, if i had the perfect bag, i wouldn't be asking!

    i have quite a few bags, but none of them feel perfect to me!

    i am open to shopping and suggestions!
  7. Monogram Danube.
  8. i don't have either.
    i am taking the bag hiking.
    so no handheld.
    possibly messenger.
    maybe the florentine, but it really doesn't hold much. and i am not too huge on waist pochettes.
    i only have 2 pochettes and they are both too light in color to take into the woods, although they might work with a longer strap.

    i dunno.

    keep the suggestions coming ladies! i love them!
  9. OMG! i forgot about the nil, Amazon and danube!
    GREAT suggestions!

    but, i am still on the hunt. so please! more!
  10. I travel alot and have the smaller reporter bag. With the activities you are doing, you need something hands-free and durable for all environments. What do you think of the new Congo line or a samur? ....
  11. How about the Bosphore Messenger bag? It's very light...perfect to go hiking!
  12. i like the idea of the congo, i have to go in store and see the actual size of it. i also don't want to be tempted to pack any heavier than i need bc i will be carrying it all!

    which small reporter are you using? i like the sound of that too!
  13. i am on my way into work now.

    please, keep your minds open, im open to just about anything!

    much tpf luv!
  14. I just got back from Spain and Italy and I used my Damier Rift almost every day! It worked perfectly for just the few little things I wanted to take with me...camera, lipgloss, wallet, sunscreen.
  15. :tup: