What bag should I look at if any?

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  1. So I’m looking to purchase a new bag nothing over 2100. My collection consists of
    Azur Neverfull gm
    Azur graceful mm
    Pochette Métis
    Palms springs mm
    Mono artsy
    Ponthieu pm in navy
    I wanted to get thoughts on what would you add? Maybe it’s something I would never even think to look at. Or I was thinking of branching out to ysl a medium loulou.
  2. To add I have a 4.5 yr old that I occasionally carry something for him. But hoping for a second soon
  3. I have a 7 yr old and 3 yr old and just recently got a speedy bandouliere 30. It holds a lot and I like that it’s hands free for carrying the little one. It holds as much as my traditional diaper bag, minus a changing pad. You could fit what you need in the Neverfull mm as well but IMO with no closure it would be hard to with kids (things sliding out or getting knocked over).
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  4. Do you have it in de or mono?
  5. I have it in DA. I want it also in DE for all weather use. But, I’m a teacher, so I tote the kids around just in the summer, then switch to my Neverfull for work. So the weather is generally nice. It also fits a compact umbrella just in case :smile:
  6. Any other limitations? Material? More likely Canvas or leather? Occasion? Size? Crossbody/Tote?

    Out of your collection I would probably add a classic black midsize bag like Speedy b 25 in Empreinte or Montaigne bb Empreinte in Noir. Do you like the New Wave Series? Than I would go for the camera bag.

    If you are more a Canvas kinda girl, what about a neonoe?
  7. I love the Empreinte I have the ponthieu in the navy Empreinte. Also love the wave series
  8. You can’t go wrong with a Speedy! Speedy B 30 would be perfect- I have it in Mono and DE. I prefer the Mono but I ended up getting the DE for rainy weather. I love how the Mono’s strap has softened and broken in nicely.
  9. Neo noe is a beautiful bag and also the DE Iena x
  10. If you decide against a leather bag, I would definitely get something in DE since you do not have that print. I don't have small children, but I do have the Speedy B 30 in DE, and it is so carefree. I also have it in the monogram, but when I take it to a restaurant, I always get a little freaky inside if someone gets near my bag with food, LOL. Upkeep with small children may be easier with the treated leather rather than vachetta.
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  11. Speedy B or Sienna may be a nice option to be hands free with kids. Noe (original) is on the website, is priced really well and is well made and holds quite a bit. I am struggling to not order it for myself.
  12. I’m not having the biggest collection myself, but I’d suggest the Pallas MM as I’ve got that one and looooove it :love: It’s a couple of years since I got mine so I’m not sure what the price is atm, but I would recommend that you check it out next time your’e at LV anyway :amuse:
  13. I’ve got my eye on a black leather and silver hardware combo. The Banylone is similar to the Graceful and comes in black but different leather type. The Lockme BBisquote sizeable.
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