what bag should I get??

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  1. Hi Girls.

    What bag should I get? I need some inspiration.

    My husbond said I could buy a bag next month.

    I already got a speedy mono 30. and a damier neverfull mm. and a pochette mono.

    But since that is what I have wished fore, and now got it, I simply dont know what to get next. I thougth it would take soooo long before I could afford a new bag, that I have not set my eyes on any bag.......

    so girls help me out.. what should I get? not a small one, and not a huge one.. it has to fit my sarah wallet. and i dont like epi, and mc.

    the prize is not an issue (my sweat an loving husbond got some extra money, so its not from the house budget )

    But please advice me, with the knowledge, that I love my speedy and my neerfull
  2. how about a galliera?
  3. It's time for Azur or Vernis. Here are my suggestions

    Azur- Galleria PM or GM, Berkeley
    Vernis Amarante- Alma MM or Brentwood, or Summit Drive

    Good luck :smile:
  4. Galliera PM or Trevi PM
  5. I say Azur Galliera PM or Trevi PM if you want something for day, but it also seems you could use a good evening bag! I am starting to look into those myself, so not sure what to recommend, but just a thought about a direction for you.
  6. I just got an azur Galleria GM. It is huge, but it has a great slouchy look. I love azur. How about something in this nice pattern?
  7. i agree with the damier azur galliera! :]
  8. Seems like u need somtin in Azur or Vernis (I'm drooling over the new bleu nuit color myself)! ;)
  9. What about melrose in bleu nuit!
  10. I like the Tivoli or a Saleya. :biggrin:
  11. Damier Bloomsbury? Azur Hampstead?
  12. Something in Vernis for sure. SO many beautiful colors right now
  13. ^I agree. There're so many vernis colours and it's the best time to buy one of them now. I vote for melrose avenue or alma.
  14. I vote for something Vernis as well. The new colors are TDF! Can't wait to see what you're going to get...
  15. If you want to have a mix of style and colour....I would say go for vernis. Am not a fan but it looks nice with all these new colours came out. Good luck :smile: