What bag should I get???

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  1. Hi Everyone, I have $3000 to spend at Chanel, and I was wondering if any of you had any ideas on what i should purchase...I was thinking about buying a 2.55 since everyone is always talking about how timeless and great they are...but I'm only 16...so maybe I should get something more young, and my age thanxx
  2. A 2.55 is still great on a young lady and will last you for the rest of your life! Maybe a small one? I think the 225 (small) size looks great on a young lady!
  3. I asked this on teh other thread, but we really need to know how'd you get the most use of it:
    hand or shoudler bag?
    Tote or small bag, like a flap?
    Need durability or is delicate okay?
  4. That said, for your age I'd go for a small tote of some kind, made of caviar; like a PST, Medallion or something similar.
  5. 2.55 ressiue!!
  6. Hey! Glad you started your own thread... now all the wonderful Chanel PF'ers can easily help you with their wise opinions!

    I think that your best bet for your first would be something classic. -A classic flap, Medium or Large sized if you want something smaller (but still functional for everyday use) or a tote sized bag like a PST/GST or Medallion. IMO, these are all great choices that you'll have forever because they're classics! (AND you will want to keep them because their prices keep increasing astronomically :yes: -Good luck!
  7. thanks soo much everyone, Janny328, I saw some pics of the large flap and i do like it and i think it would look a lot better on me than a smaller 2.55...and as for swanky mamma of three....I'm definetly not looking for a small or hand bag but i do agree about the tote but i have never really seen any chanel totes, if you have any particular ones in mind the names of them would be great!!thanks everyone!
  8. PST, GST, or Jumbo flap in a "fun" color
  9. i think u should go for a tote... look for them in the reference library ...the medallion or the petite shoppin tote... and compare with flaps.. you dont need to spend the all those ks in juz one chanel bag .. juz because a flap goes around dat price doesnt mean u have to get the more xpensive one... juz look for all the styles in the reference library that will help u out more.. n tell us wut u think u should get or not! :upsidedown:

  10. I named some, see:
    Also check out the Rock and Modern Chain totes.
  11. Def go through the reference thread and see what you like. There are a bunch a classic styles that you'll be able to use for years - classic flap 225 or jumbo, medallion tote, GST, PST, all are great choices. Have fun choosing!