What bag should I get??? HELP!!

  1. I am trying to decide what bag to get! I would love some help deciding. Do you think any of these bags will be sold out during the 25% off event? Even if they are will they get more in and still honor your coupon?
    Thanks ladies!:heart:
    Coach 1
    Coach 2
    coach 3
    Coach 4
  2. i like the fourth one!
  3. I like #3. But it does seem to be more of a fall bag than a spring bag.
  4. I vote for bag #1. I love that color.
  5. I like #1 because of the color! It's so fresh and springy!
  6. #1 or maybe #4, not really a fan optic cuz it looks too busy. But the color of the first one is great, very spring
  7. Please keep your opinions comming ladies!!!!!!
  8. Anyone else! I love and respect your opinions! Is bag 4 good for spring/summer?
  9. I like #1. I hate to say this because we all know how we feel about fakes. I love that khaki optic and have it in the gold metallic hobo from last summer. I then purchased the chelsea optic satchel with brown leather trim and returned it because there was/is just toooooooo many fake optics. The worst part is the fabric on the fakes looked just as authentic as Coach, but the trim and the hardware and serial numbers gave them away! C's are nice, but I won't buy them simply because it is the most counterfeited.
  10. i love number four but i do not think you'd be able to get it by the time PCE starts

    you will be able to get number 1, 2, and 3 because they will be coming out onto the floor this sunday night, viewable monday morning.

    out of 1,2, and 3 unless you're a blue person (coming from a leather gal) the khaki signature will serve you better overall....easier to match clothes with and the blue seems more of a spring then fall bag? with the khaki depending on your clothes...you kinda can swing it.

    and i'd prefer the satchel version. it's a personal reason more then anything, plus with carryall, it will come in signature
  12. #4
  13. I vote for 1 or 2 :smile:
  14. i love the color of #1! #4 has a more classic look and would probably be easier to match with outfits. not a fan of 2 or 3.
  15. I love #1!!

    But I love anything blue...:shame: So I may not be much help... Blue looks so fresh for spring though!!