What bag should I get for work?

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  1. Palermo!!
  2. I'd say Palermo or Cabas!
  3. Palermo or Tivoli GM !
  4. I vote for Palermo
    I carry my Palermo to work a lot
    It's functional and pretty
  5. What about the Batignolles Horizontal? I have one and love it. You can fit a ton of stuff inside and has adjustable straps with buckles on the side so you can make it wider or narrower. Plus, it's mono with no vachetta on the bottom so less worries. And the straps are thicker -heavy duty, yet light on your shoulder. No digging into your shoulder at all -- its a really comfy bag to carry. As for slippage of the straps - there's two of them- I just tuck one underneath the other, crisscross them and they stay put.:smile:
  6. Congrats ion the palermo
  7. Mezzo!
  8. Palermo...i use mine everyday for work and it is perfect