What bag should I get for work?

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  1. So I'm starting a new job and I need a bag to haul all my stuff. I have a Speedy 30 but I need a shoulder bag. Torn between the Cabas Mezzo, Palermo GM and Totally GM.

    Any opinions? I'll probably be toting my MacBook sometimes as well, so the thin strap bag got ruled out.

  2. Cabas Mezzo! Yes, it has the vachetta on the bottom, but it's a classic, elegant bag and perfect for work.
  3. I'd go for the Totally in Azur... such a pretty bag!! Second choice, Palermo. Good luck!
  4. Totally, not so cute...Palermo PM is a winner, GM looks a bit odd; I'm thinking the Cabas Mezzo is the one. If I were more meticulous with my bags, I'd go for it...but I would destroy the vachetta on the bottom. Happy shopping!
  5. Of your three choices, I vote the Palermo. I just like it better, easier on the eyes.
  6. Totally
  7. I vote for the Cabas Mezzo. I bought a Cabas Alto a few years ago for school/work, and it's probably the best purchase I've ever made. I absolutely love it and would never part with it. Like everyone mentioned, the vachetta on the bottom of mine is a bit worn, but as long as you're relatively careful with it, you shouldn't destroy it.
  8. Palermo!! Love this bag--I want one so badly!
  9. Cabas Mezzo for sure-
  10. Palermo
  11. i carry my macbook + textbooks in my nf everyday for school, so the thin straps are no problems at actually. but of the three you listed, anything except cabas mezzo=)
  12. Palermo hands down, starting, seriously, to regret selling mine. Just love that bag:cloud9:
  13. Palermo
  14. Palermo!
  15. The totally...my roomie has one and it is her work bag and she loves it!