What bag should I get? (first Miu Miu bag!)

  1. Hello everyone!

    So as the title of this thread goes, I'm looking for a Miu Miu bag option! If ever, this will be my first ever Miu Miu bag. Here are some details you might want to know about me...

    Well first of all, I am still in my teens. I currently just turned 16 this year. I like bags that are pretty big (since I bring my whole life inside my bag lol) I like bags that can be on the shoulder and that has a longer strap (for messenger style)

    I guess that's pretty much it :smile: if you can send it photos/prices as well, that'd be awesome!

    Thank you Xx
  2. I was going to say the same thing! Bow bag would be perfect, even medium bow bag.
  3. I did see a problem about the Bow bag though. Like the "peeling" of leather? I'm not so sure how you call it. Is this naturally going to happen? :sad:
  4. I think bow will b best fit for u. It fits ur age n it's durable. The only thing I would worry is the color of choice.
  5. no problem, glad you like it :flowers: i will say however, the bow bag quality (possibly among other things) has decreased this year. it was PERFECT a year ago with the matte leather.. i should have bought it then but now it is glazed and looks like it could crack.... i would go to the store and look at them and see if the SA can pick out a nice one for you because each bag is handmade anyway and varies..but the glaze will still be there for this year. if it bothers you like it did me, i would try browsing some of their other bags, they have some other really adorable ones although i have been lusting after the bow bag for so long... i had to put it off :sad:

    that is my own preference, in any case you should definitely see one in person to determine this!
  6. Either a coffer or a bowbag! ;)
  7. Yeah, it really does bother me a lot :sad: it's not a small investment for me not to expect so much :sad: I really love how the Bow Bags look like but I might have to broaden my options! :sad: Xx
  8. So does the glazed leather always crack? Or just on some of the bags? I've always liked the grey glazed leather but would definitely steer clear if it's guaranteed to crack.