What bag should i buy?

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  1. Okay so i've been looking for a bag for 8 months now. I want it to be a casual bag I could go to school on the grocery store with, so nothing too fancy. I want to carry it on my shoulder, but I don't want the strap to be long. I'm on a budget as i'm a student and going on a really expensive 6-week getaway,so mybudget is 700 euros. At the moment i'm leaning towards LV Delightful PM, but i'm not a huge fan of mono. It doesn't make me sick but i'm not in love with the pattern.The size and shape is perfect. At the moment i use my NF and Longchamp Roseau.

    So any ideas ladies and gentlemen? I have to ask before I just decide "F it, i'm getting the delightful" and then find a nicer bag.. :biggrin:
  2. I wouldn't spend more than about 30 euros on a bag I wasn't totally in love with, and it doesn't sound as if you are in love with the Delightful. If I were you I would make do with a bag you already have/buy something cheap and wait until you find the bag of your dreams. Splashing out a lot of money on a bag that doesn't really grab you is like settling for a guy who's good on paper but doesn't make your heart skip.
  3. I totally agree with Sez - you don't want to end up regretting something right after you spent a lot of money on it! Are you set on getting something LV? Or are you open to looking at other brands?
  4. Absolutely agree with everyone else. Stick to what you're using until you are find something that makes you gasp when you see it. There's no reason to spend that kind of money on something unless you're in love with it.
    Just the fact that you're asking others what to buy shows that you don't need to buy anything.
  5. I totally get what you mean. I'm just really struggling because i need a new bag,the two i'm using now are not practical enough. Some days i love the delightful, some days i think that i just like it because i've looked at it sooooo many times and haven't found anything else.

    The bag doesn't have to be LV, i'm open to any suggestions. I could go and buy something from H&M but i'm fed up with the bags breaking after a few months, i don't want to buy i bag that i really like and then (almost) cry when i have to get rid of it.
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    wow! i think 700euro is way too much according to the fact that you want to use it as ur everyday bag and you don't want it to be something "fancy"... correct me if i'm wrong but i don't think a bag costing more than 300$ wouldn't be categorized as a "fancy" one... most people (including me) would use a casual 50$ bag for their casual everyday outfit. and i personally think paying that much money for sth you don't even "love" and u just wanna use it for the grocery store would be totally a waste of money. considering the fact that you are a student and under a budget. my opinion : go for a everyday bag from mango, h&m ,zara tote or even a coach tote from their outlet store, (nothing costs more than 100$) ,until you find the bag of your dreams. something u really like, not just because it's from a certain brand and quite expensive. you should love it too, unless you'll feel awful paying that much for something you don't even like.( my personal experience on a pair of shoes)
  7. Patience, when it catch your eye, BUY. If not, wait..... When its time to buy, the bag will appear. Don't buy for the sake of buying one yet. I learn my mistake.
  8. What makes them impractical?
    Wrong size/shape/material?
    Maybe if you can answer those questions for yourself it will be less confusing.
  9. Thanks for your responses everyone! My problem is that i love in a country where there's very few stores with quality bags so i usually search online so that's why i asked if anyone had a bag in mind that i haven't seen.

    The longchamp has a short handle so i can't carry it on my shoulder and the NF is waaay too big (it's a GM). I feel like the bags are on my way all the time. So I need a bag that can fit books but isn't huge and can be carried on your shoulder. I just don't seem to find any bagsthat are within my price range.
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    I see... actually i don't live in a country with so many famous brands boutiques either, so i get what you mean...
    since marc jacobs is my personal favorite designer, i'm going to send you some links of mbmj bags, the bags are so cute and quite handy. the leather is so smooshy and yet durable and they hold up pretty well. mbmj bags go for both everyday outfit and weekends.
    considering the fact that you are looking for something with shoulder straps , and still not too big, i guess MBMJ Ukita will be one of the best choices for you:


    and also classic q natasha :sad:which i assume is a bit smaller to fit the books)

    and the Hiller Hobo :

    and mbmj too hot to handle :

    and also classic Q fran : http://www.marcjacobs.com/marc-by-marc-jacobs/womens/fall-12-bags/m3122302/classic-q-fran#?p=2&s=27

    hope that helps. good luck :P
  11. Why not try a Longchamp with longer handles to go over your shoulder?
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    Agree with this, or maybe try a Lucky Brand tote? They are lovely, tough, practical everyday bags.
  13. Consider LV Damier Ebene canvas (Speedy 30 with shoulder strap, you can wear it in many ways, hand held, arms, shoulder). The problem with LV Monogram Canvas is when the leather trimming get dirty, your bag will look old.
  14. Thanks sarah.mo for the links, the too hot to handle bag is something i'll definately consider!

    I have been looking at Longchamp but haven't found anything yet. I've also been thinking about the Speedy, i feel like it might feel a bit akward when you use the strap because of the shape of the bag.

    I'm so thankful of your responses, i feel like now i have more ideas :smile:
  15. I totally agree with not buying if you haven't found it but I saw that you made mention of the MJ Too Hot To Handle and had to let you know this is one fine bag. While it is my first MJ, I know it's one I'll use for a long time. It is actually replacing my Coach Kristin Hobo that Katy Holmes lived so much and still uses but of a higher quality IMO. The bag is if good size, feels very comfortable with both straps and has a heavy duty but lightweight feel. I am having a double wrist surgery so this is a consideration right now. I did have two LV Speedys but they definitely don't lat flat against you. I love my Longchamo Roseau but I don't want to abuse the leather. Lucky wasn't structured enough for me so these are the reasons why the MJ works for me. My most used LV is the Mono Neverfull without a doubt. The thing about the LV is I need pockets to consider it a travel bag and have only 1 that truly qualifies. Good luck in the hunt though and let us know what you decide on.