What bag should I buy next :)? Help please!

  1. I want a new bag..
    I got now
    -mono pochette
    -mono bh
    -MC white trouville

    I have thought that maybe i´ll buy a speedy next..mut cannot decide mono, mini lin, damier??

    And I actually don´t even like the shape of speedy, but the money limit is 500€..

    any suggestions??
  2. My 1st suggestion was Speedy in Damier... but don't get a Speedy if you don't even like it!!!??? How about the Papillon 26 in Damier? Or maybe a wallet instead of a bag?
  3. How about an Azur speedy ???
  4. if you dont like speedys dont get one! ITA with gergirl, get a wallet or pochette, what about the new rivets? i think it just come under budget!
  5. Why get a speedy if you dont like it?:shrugs: ...but if its a speedy you want, then damier azur
  6. Don't buy a bag just to buy it.... I would have said Mono Speedy because it is such a classic and versatile piece. But, since you don't like Speedy's I say go for the BH!
  7. it depends if you have a shoulder or handheld bag yet. if you hav both, i'd go w/mc trouville, if you don't have a shoulder bag, i'd definitely go w/BH! You don't have to have a speedy just b/c many pp say any LV fan should have it, not everyone find it comfortable to use, and certainly not every LV fan have a speedy, KWIM? good luck for your purchase!
  8. Yeah don't get a bag that you don't like just because it's more affordable. Get something you love. I'd get a BH.
  9. Maybe I could´n explain my problem right..

    I own ALREADY those three bags(pochette, trouville, bh) and now I want to buy a new one.
    I like speedys, the siza is good and I like that I can carry it in my hand..
    the shape just doesn´t attrack me, but it is not the biggest problem..

    papillon sounds good, does anyone has a pic how it looks on your shoulder?
  10. *
  11. *couldn´t i ment to say
  12. maybe you could get another pochette.....maybe in MC, Epi, or the Lexington!!
  13. Do a search in the Visuaal Aids thread, there are a few Papillons :yes:
  14. an illovo maybe if you don't like the speedy? or wait and save more and get one you really adore. i love speedys (i have 4) but they're not for everyone. if you do get one i say damier or mini lin. if i could buy another bag i would totally get mini lin.
  15. Oh no.. don't get a speedy if you don't like it!