What bag(s) do you use...?

  1. I was just wondering... what bags you all use everyday? What bags do you usually use for special occasions?

    I am currently loving my Damier Speedy 30 for everyday and have been using my Manhattan GM for special shopping trips. I will be getting a new LV tomorrow (hopefully tomorrow :angel:... so it will most likely be another special bag.)
  2. i keep my Damier, Monogram and Mini Lin Speedies out all the time because they're my run-around bags
  3. I've been using my tivoli everyday since I got it. Because not so many people have it. However, I will be using jasmin red for my holiday trip to buffalo. And the rest of my collection are still the dustbag in the closet.
  4. i've been switching Manhattan GM and Le Fab back and forth.....i love the size of those bags! and they are both easy to get into...... =)
  5. I use my suhali lockit pm and motard pochette (I don't use LV for work):yes:
  6. My Passy gets the most use. :yes:
  7. Lately because of the rain, my damier speedy 30 is having all the fun ... other than that ... I've been switching off between mahina xl and suhali lockit pm.
  8. Damier Speedy, Tivoli or Lockit.
  9. I only have 5 bags, and all of them I use pretty equally because they're just so practical (and cute!): MC petit noe, Tivoli GM, Cerises Speedy, Damier Speedy 25, and Neverfull MM.
  10. neverfull GM MOCA
  11. i havent even used my lv bags lately :sad: we're not allowed to have bags at work.
  12. WHAT!?? No bags at work? Is that because they are afraid of the possibility of theft?
  13. i def grab my petit noe. so easy to get in and out of and i dont have to think about it.
  14. I use my mono speedy on the weekends as my main bag. I use a Longchamp tote during the week because I carry my laptop with me and cannot yet afford a bigger speedy or a Neverfull.

    I take my epi pochette and epi red speedy out as dressup bags!
  15. my denim neo cabby has been getting the most everyday use. i try to use my other bags once in a while when i go out.