What bag(s) did you hate at first to only end up loving?

  1. This happened to me twice recently.

    First with the framboise vernis...my SA loved the color and excitedly showed it to me...Having a good relationship with her, I said eeewww, looks like a .99 cent lipstick color...not for me....of course fast foward 6 months I love the color, and have a brentwood and a cles...lol.

    Take 2: The miroir. My exact words to the SA...Hideous! What are they thinking....even told my DH about it (I rarely talk to him about my bags)...I did waitlist a gold pouchette, for my mom for Christmas...months later, I am calling my SA to squeeze me on the silver speedy list, a few weeks later when I excitedly brought home the speedy and was fawning over it... my DH laughed, isn't that the bag you called hideous? :shame: who knew he was listening....and my poor mom did not get the pouchette...lol!

    Anyone else have a change of heart?
  2. I was never a fan of the Speedy...been buying LVs since 99 but I got my first Speedy (mono) last xmas from my DH. I got my 2nd this xmas (Damier) and now I want one in azur and mini lin!!!
  3. Speedy. I wasn't sure if I liked the whole shape of it and now I have 3.:yes:
  4. Speedy...never think to buy one but ended up buying 2 speedy.

    PS: It is still not the LV Monogram Classic one as now I still don't like it.
  5. azur! i absolutely HATED it, but now i want everything from that line!
  6. I always thought it was too much for just denim, but now it's growing on me. The styles are cute! Still don't think I would spend the money on it though. Would rather get another bag. LOL
  7. I never liked handheld bags. Just never thought I could deal with that. Now I use my speedy every single day!
  8. ii don't like speedy at first, thought everyone own one, nothing so special about this, plus i don't want to bring a bag out, but saw100s on the street

    but now i end up loving it......and don't mind to buy more different pattern speedies
  9. For now, I can only think of the Looping MM...I thought this bag was so odd and plain at the same time, I never thought I'd like it.
    Then, one day, I saw a client at work carrying the bag...and really liked it! If I ever see a Looping MM on eBay for a decent price, I'd definitely grab it!
  10. Eye and MC! I always thought the colors are too busy and the colors on black MC look so tackily neon......but lately i am in love w/white MC trouville....but the price! >"<
  11. Cherry Blossom! When it released on 2003, I hate the cherry flower face but 2 years later after it already discontinued, I'm hunting for it and starting collect CB :shame: while I've to spend higher now than 2003...
  12. the speedy.I thought it's grandma's bag,but now i have two. any from LV denim and mono mini but its growing on me the more i see here in PF.Now I have the MINI LIN(which is kinda similar to mono mini) i didn't bought it though, its a gift from bf and totally love it. The denim?well i haven't really decided yet if im gonna get from that line i still think its too pricey for a bag made with denim.
  13. Mono speedy and Polly
  14. I'm so ashamed to say this but, I thought ALL LVs were hideous. I would go on and on about how unoriginal they looked and how you couldn't PAY me to carry a bag with some dead guy's initials on it. Now I have 3 LV pieces (in the last 6 months) and I'm constantly adding things to my wishlist!
  15. I use to think all LVs were ugly - brown and covered with initials - but now I love LV! I think it was the Speedy - so common, yet now I have 3 of them!!! Such a great bag and holds your entire life in it!!! All hail the Speedy!