What bag(s) are you loving from s/s '07?

  1. Hi ladies! :smile: Just wondering what bag (or bags!) you're loving (or lusting after haha) from the spring summer collections!? For me, I'd say the red caviar jumbo w/ the new chain... I can't wait until it's available! I'm also partial towards the bronze CC tote, great color and size (plus I have it), and the matte gold flap is beautiful too!

  2. Minal - - Do you find that your bronze bag goes with a lot of different colors? Is it pretty neutral? I wear a lot of black and was just curious:heart: :p
  3. I :heart: the one that I saw yesterday, the sombrero type quilt with super soft leather that looks like a boston bag with silver chains in white!

    Also, I love the perfo flaps but I can't see them anywhere here in Hong Kong anymore!
  4. rock and chain hobo!!! I want it soo bad!
  5. Hi! :smile: I think so, because it's really more of a burnished golden color than a bronze IMO... I posted a picture wearing the other day in my thread about my new bag, and also a picture of it next to my Khaki Cabas to get an idea of the color. I think it would really stand out with black, and also look great with brighter colors! :smile: Here are the two pictures in case you are curious:



  6. I love the denim cabas and the baby animal flap
  7. i love the cottom club!