What bag rang in the New Year with you?

  1. I took my Chanel silver luxury ligne bowler out to party last night.
    silver bowler.jpg
  2. I was lame and boring and just went to a friend's house where a small group of people ate, drank, and played games so my trusty LV came with me. You, on the other hand, looked ready to party with your fab Chanel!!

    Btw that clown is scaring me!! :shocked:
  3. Um a cheap but cute magenta steve madden clutch.
  4. that seems to be the general consensus! looking for another avatar right now....which LV did you bring out to play?
  5. oooh. I like magenta. I forgot to ask if you have photos ladies, post em!
  6. my LV mono speedy 25 was on my dining room table...zzzzz....I know had too much fun making beef stew while BF had his dd's at his house and I was busy posting here too...love that silver bowler bagnshoo!
  7. thanks! how did the stew turn out? I'm thinking about finally getting a crock pot for the Shoo household...
  8. Don't some people have a very real phobia of clowns? I forget what it's called, but when I saw your avatar I think I diagnosed myself with it LOL.

    As for my LV, it was my cabas piano. Not a wild child/party gal, but she's always there for me.
  9. Its called Coulrophobia. :yucky: My mom had a clown painting in our hallway when we were kids and we swore the eyes followed us as we walked by. we used to run past it!:lol:
  10. I had to pass a few ghettos before getting home, so I didn't get too flashy. The Coach Signature Demi was my companion.
  11. My Gucci Pouchette was with me. I didn't want to carry a big purse hehe.
  12. [​IMG]

    I hope that posts! it says fuchsia not magenta lol It is trusty and cute and gets compliments but I got it for like $20 because I bought it on thanksgiving for 30% off :tup:
  13. Re: What bag rang in the New Year with you?
    My mother in law..... :p (kidding!)

    I used my LV Roxbury Drive finally. It's sooo pretty :love:

    Bagnshoo, I loved your clown. It creeped me out, but in a good way lol.
  14. I used a Gucci Canvas Tote bag...I didn't want to bring out my LVs because I didn't want to ruin them...I knew it was going to be a long and crazy night!
  15. Wore my Anna Corinna Mini City Tote in olive on the last day of 07 and first day of 08.