What bag on is your Christmas list?

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  1. I've heard this called "The year of the handbag" by some magazines, as handbags are becoming the #1 splurge accessories item, reportedly even surpassing shoes and jewelry.

    Just curious, what bag would you most want to unwrap on Christmas?

    (Mine would be a light blue Goyard w/ racing stripes...)
  2. I KNOW there won't be any bags to unwrap this holiday. My collection is entirely self-made!
  3. 2003 was the year of the shoes, 2004 year of jeans, 2005 it's handbags. hmmm don't know which one i'd want the most, i'll get back to you. actually, i know, star3777's mizi. haha.

  4. They have always been my number one splurge!!! This year I am getting the paddington, (as soon as it gets in at the Chloe New York store.)
  5. I really want a Silverado to match my Paddy :love:

    Or that one beautiful YSL bag I posted a little while back. I'm doing some major shopping Monday, so I'll let you all know what bag I am lusting then!
  6. I am currently deciding between two tods bags... attached below. Any opinions???
    tods bag.jpg tods bag 2.jpg
  7. ^^ I have been eyeing some Tod's bags too! I love their bags- so elegant and chic
  8. awwwww thanks fayden:love:

    If you all haven't noticed in the other post I thread, I am in the midst of a neurotic phase I seldom go through purchasing a bag.I am constantly going back and forth, staring at these fricking pictures for far too long, my eyes kill!!!:weird: I would love to open a package with a spy bag in it not having to choose the blasted COLOR!!!!!!
  9. I am hoping my boyfriend will buy me a Louis Vuitton Babylone.
    I'm not sure though, for my birthday a few months back he bought me the LV Sac Plat because he saw me looking at it online and talinkg about it here on the Purse Blog........ however I didnt care for it much once I had it. I found it odd to carry around and returned it (I told him first though)

    He said he'd never buy me another bag again because I change my mind too much. I told him that I would never change my mind about the Babylone because its a classic that I've been stalking for years........I don't know if that will work......we'll see ;)
  10. I like the 2nd Tod's bag (the one on the right) because it looks more classy than the 1st one. I just don't like the shape of the 1st bag and the hanging "T" on it. :wacko:
  11. My parents don't really support my bag buying habit.. but maybe I'll get a lil' something something anyways ! Hopefully just a little Dior trotter or the such, I'd rather buy the bigger bags myself !
  12. Same here....plus I don't even want my husband to know how much these bags cost.:shame:
  13. Sadly, there will be no bags for me to unwrap on Xmas day. :sad2: But if I can have it my way, the chocolate brown paddy or the wine red balenciaga will be on my Xmas list. :amuse:
  14. same here, but i wish i could get a paddy bowling for xmas!
    photo attached, isn't it lovely? :love:
    Paddy Bowling 01.jpg Paddy Bowling 03.jpg Paddy Bowling 05.jpg
  15. I like the original way more, I don't care for this one,sorry.:sad:
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