What bag is this?

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  1. What bag is this? I cannot locate it on the website. Its a cross body style.

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  2. It's an Amanda not sure of the style.
  3. Amanda fold over crossbody
  4. You can only get the Amanda's at the outlets
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  5. ^ Agreed, the Amanda collection seems to be a staple at the outlet
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  6. Shame that it's become an "outlet" bag I always loved the Amanda style
  7. I know, I happened to pass through the outlet today after a couple months and all their new outlet bags look like fake/counterfeit TBs. It's sad to see they're going the same way as MK, Coach and KS when it comes to the outlets.
  8. It's all about making money!
  9. Exactly, but it's kind of off-putting, I haven't found myself shopping at Tory Burch in general over the last few months since they've made all these new changes.