What bag is this?

  1. Thanks!
  2. Looks like a Quilted Bryant Tote. These are always on special at the outlet. They were around $225 as of last week.
  3. Really? Which outlet? I saw this from an outlet but I was told it was $499!!
  4. I'm not sure of the bag's name but I did see it recently while I was at the outlet, I think it was marked down plus an additional 40% off!
  5. Last week with the 40% off they were around $225. They had a tan color as well. Retail is $499 and the outlets always have a special so I would wait until a promotion. I have not seen this style at any retail location so I think it's a straight-to-outlet style.
  6. I called Orlando. If you are an existing customer the bag is $499 and then add a 40% discount. The 40% is being honored through tomorrow.
  7. Thank you! I got it from the one in MA :smile:
  8. I love it. It's so beautiful 😍