what bag is this ?

  1. Hi everyone, Ive not a clue what this bag is called but about a year ago I saw a mens Chanel bag in GQ magazine. It was a duffle bag and had Chanel wrote across it in big red letters. Does anyone know the name/style and can someone post pics. Thanks :flowers:
  2. what was it made of?
    probably something from the Sports Line.
  3. hmmm...its hard to remember but It looked similar material to the Louis Vuitton Damier Geant range. The bag is fab ! :nuts: Im so unfortunate to miss out on it
  4. I'm not familiar enough w/ LV. . . was it a canvas or nylon?
  5. this is the LV one which is quite a similar shape and im guessing the material is similar but the Chanel one was white with Chanel in big red letters along the Canvas
  6. Im sorry to bring this back up and I know its an old thread but does anyone at all know the name of this and does anyone own it/have pics ?. Thanks so much :smile:
  7. Ahh no idea, sorry! Wish I could help. I'll post if I find something out though. Hope someone else can help...