What bag is this?

  1. Id like to know what the name of this bag is...whare can I find it and how much does it retail for...please help as this is for a birthday present...thank you so much xx
  2. I'm not sure but you can check the ref. library
  3. May someone help please...its urgent I get this on time for a very important birthday..thanx ever so much.
  4. ..simply forgotten...I've seen some1 in this forum email to those who wanted the file..(sorry..deleted it already)..
    But this is the new range...not in the stores yet,rite?
    Trying hard to recall...it is smoothorpter/roc....??? Sorry not much of help here...

    px abt > $2600
  5. Its new, they have an entire thread about this bag on here... I think rockerchick posted the thread. Anyway, it was over $2000 I think and part of the new luxury ligne....
  6. Thanx you guys...is there any link to the thread? I need to get a name and reference number
  7. ook...so i want to say its 2750, might be off on the price, but it's definitely somewhere up there; it is part of the new spring/summer collection coming out; if you want this bag, definitely get on the wait list asap! (esp. at stores that haven't had their trunk show) i would recommend calling the SF chanel botique (only bc i know their trunk show isn't until feb.20); it is part of the "luxury" line and the one you see in the picture is the patent black tote? (it also came in a patent red, and maybe white?)
  8. Evychew thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. go to rockerchic's thread....it's there now "luxury patent tote" by rockerchic...yup $2750...Gd luck
    She is on the wait list...so it is confirmed..not in store yet..