What bag is this?

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  1. Ahhh I :heart: it!!! Someone please tell me what this bag is called and the retail price! Possibly the colors it comes in too?
  2. That is really cute, I don't know the name though. It looks like the flap just shrunken down in size ;) .
  3. i don't know either, but i'd like to know too, and how MUCH can actually fit in there??
  4. I saw that in a Nieman Marcus a while back. It is tiny. I think a couple of people here have them.
  5. I have that magazine it was in either Elle or Vouge in the UK and it cost £600. I am sorry but it did not have any name
  6. Also, I think it may be called the 'baby' classic flap bag, but I am not too sure as I had the baby and mine looked a bit bigger than the one on Kelis. I had to return it though, because it was just too small.
  7. That's so cute!
  8. aww...thanks anyways