What bag is this???

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. That's a Ferragamo!
  3. yes thats right,
    i usually dont like ferragamos... but i like that one :nuts: !!!
  4. Gorgeous colour and the leather looks oh-so-soft.
  5. Where can you find Ferragamo online??
  6. That bag is nice IRL. Although i prefer this style more:

  7. Wow gorgeous colour for both bags, I've never really liked Ferragamo, but this is really changing that ! ;)
  8. beautiful bag! i hope you find it in that gorgeous color, and let us know when you do!!!
  9. That's a nice bag! My opinion on purple is changing, since seeing this one and the eggplant Balenciaga City :love:
  10. wow! I see ferregamo in a whole new light....
  11. You can probably try calling the stores....they might be able to help you.
  12. I know that there's a cream/white bag that comes with that same handle with the rings... Calling Ferragamo to find out what colors that exact bag comes in is probably your best bet!