What bag is this?

  1. Hi, I was browsing through the celebrity thread and saw this pic. Can someone let me know what the name, color, and price of this bag is? Does it come in any other color? And is it still available? It's probably way expensive. Thanks for your help. :smile:
  2. That is a tweed cambon tote, size large. I don't think they make them in tweed any more but they do come up on ebay once in a while. You can still buy it in black leather, for sure.
  3. Ok, thanks Lulilu! I'll be on the lookout on Ebay. How much did it retail for? Oh, one more question. Is there a toll-free number for Chanel that customers are able to call to look for merchandise? Also, I live in IL and I'm trying to figure out where they even sell Chanel here. I thought I saw it at the downtown Neiman Marcus. Thanks!
  4. Hey, I saw this bag in a secondhand shop over the summer ... but in Taiwan. It's not that expensive (well, not for chanel anyway).
    But I must say, it does not look very impressive in person. Cute, casual, but not WOW. The inside lining is hot pink, which I think is unusual but nice.
  5. this very bag is for sale on ebay now for $799.
  6. What is your Ebay name dbt?
  7. [​IMG]

    This is the tweed cambon large tote...i've seen many such bags are sellin on ebay and it pops up very often. they comes in black too:love:
  8. ^yup, saw a black one on eBay last night.