what bag is this?

  1. [​IMG]

    i see a similar one on the gucci website, but is it the same size as the one here in the pic?

  2. i think it's a capri? i saw another medium size on Saks.com. i assume that there are different sizes then?

    can anyone inform? also estimated retail for the large one?
  3. babyhart ..Hun i cant see the 1st pic ..can u try reposting it? :flowers:
  4. really? it was off the celeb website. i don't which celeb it is, i think she's euro. she's blond and holding a white bag. it's post number 19 on the celeb site. thanks.
  5. Its from last years cruise..I beleive..I think its the CAPRI..Anyone?
  6. before i call gucci does anyone know if it's still available in all sizes, s, m, l?