What bag is this?

  1. Is this a seafoam city? If so, is it normal for seafoam to be this dark?

  2. i think it's seafoam...
    maybe it's dark because of the pictures or maybe she used it a lot.
    it's a pretty bag though :P
  3. ^^ Thanks Seahorse! Does anyone know if seafoam tends to darken like that if it's been used a lot?
  4. It could be that the lighting makes it appear darker?
  5. ^^ No, I think it's really that color...

    I've found a bag... It's supposed to be seafoam, but it's slightly darker. It looks exactly like this bag. Everything indicates that it's authentic... so I'm wondering if seafoams tend to darken like this after a while?
  6. If that bag has darkened, slightly, I think I love the color even more (seems richer).
  7. the bag the model is wearing definitely looks like seafoam to me!
  8. Thanks for your replies! I've just never seen another seafoam this dark. All the other ones in pics I've seen look lighter..
  9. Couldn't it be pistacchio instead of seafoam? I always thought that bag was pistacchio...
  10. Maybe. If it was pistachio, wouldn't that be a darker pistachio too? Do those light green colored bbags darken like this? :confused1:
  11. Definitely not Pistachio unless the lighting is waaay off. Pistachio has a lot more yellow in it and doesn't have silver hardware (it looks like that one does). Sure looks like Seafoam to me!
  12. It really doesn't look dark to me, and I have a rather dark monitor? There is a lot of variation between seafoam to seafoam - one of the things that makes the bags one of a kind and beautifully unique! ;)
  13. I see, that's what I was wondering! So seafoams have a lot of variation in shade too, like ink? Cause your seafoam Mimz looked lighter to me. :P :heart:
  14. Oh yes you are right. Thanks!:P