What bag is this ?

  1. I can see LV's but it does have the same pattern.


    Indie queen Parker Posey runs into Ethan Hawke while waiting for a table Monday at an outdoor café in New York City's West Village. The two have much to discuss: They both have films opening Nov. 17 (his Christopher Guest flick For Your Consideration, and her Fast Food Nation).
  2. i'd say it's not a Louis Vuitton at all.
  3. It looks like home made craft.:nuts:
  4. Home made is what i was thinking :yucky:
  5. nope!not an LV! :yes: :yes: :yes:
  6. Ugh Parker Posey is divine.
  7. OMG it is a home made peice lmao
  8. It's not an LV.
  9. it's "inspired" since it doesn't have any LV's. It's in the funnies fakes thread too.
  10. I thot she was moderately wealthy (well makes at least a mill), surprised she's carrying "inspired" bags!
  11. I guess she's making a fashion statement against the ideas of Logos? Since she was a judge in the finale of Project Runway...