what bag is this?


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Dec 21, 2007
Hello all! I am new to TPF but I've been lurking a little ever since I got my first Chanel purse (a 2.55! love it to bits)

Anyway the point of this post is to get id for this Chanel bag my mother 'handed down' to me:

It was bought from a Chanel boutique around the 80s-early 90s period.. My mother wasn't too specific. It has a sticker with the number that's also on the authenticity card... Which I don't have a picture of because I'm dumb like that.

She also gave me a 2.55-like purse, but the flap came down to the bottom of the bag (vs. 3/4 of the way), with a Chanel logo turn-clasp, a maroon interior, and one long strap. I don't have pictures of that, sorries :sad:

Anyone? :smile:


Feb 8, 2007
The Palace
Welcome to tPF! :flowers:

The older/vintage bags didn't have a name. We can call this a cute red tote with gold hardware ;)