What bag is this.....

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  1. Just picked up a sister bag to the Capri Satchel/Pavia flap bag. Bowler style, double strap. Same shape as the YSL Muse bag.... Any idea the name? What do you think of this bag?
  2. hmmm i'm thinking it'd be the lamb montego. does it look like this?

    i myself have never had one, but i know a lot of lambies on here love it :tup:

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  3. I'm guessing the Lancy, from the Lucerne line. That's the only bag I can think of that looks like the YSL Muse.

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  4. oopps, :upsidedown: as soon as I posted that I realized I was thinking of the YSL Tribute Tote, not the Muse. The Muse look-alike (aside from the Montego), my suggestions would be maybe a Lucca or Verona? :shrugs:

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  5. ^^ yes.. you're right..
    the love collection in bowler shapes are called lucca (smaller size) and the verona (bigger one).. if it's the glazed love collection, probably lucca cause i don't think they produce verona for the glazed love collection..

    i love them both! :tup:
  6. Yep, I'd guess the Lucca as well.