What Bag Is This?

  1. [​IMG]

    I hope this is allowed.
    Can anyone tell me the name of this bag?
    I searched various threads in the reference library for close to two hours and couldn't locate it (perhaps I'm just blind)!

  2. i think it's a vintage?
  3. Yes it is! The serial number starts with a 2.
    I was just wondering if the bag had an actual name.
  4. it's a vintage lambskin flap bag and have seen this bag pops up on eBay before.
  5. no, very few of them actually have a name. If there was a box w/ it, I'm positive it would merely say class rabat or Classic Flap.
  6. Well I sure do like it- is it yours? If so, lucky you! If you're bidding on it, I hope you win!
  7. I just won the auction! It does come with the original box, dust bag, authenticity card and such, so I guess I'll wait to find out what it says.
    Thanks so much, everyone. =)

    I'm really excited to receive the bag now. I originally had my heart set on a 2.55 Medium or Jumbo Classic Flap, but once I saw this one, it completely won me over! I just adore the border along the edge of the flap that the recent ones don't have, as it seems to give the bag more definition. Chanel should resurrect this design... Or maybe not. It'll keep the vintage ones more unique this way I guess, haha.

    I will post more pictures once it arrives!
  8. cheryl this is the one i just got over eBay :smile: loves it.
  9. hey faye!
    i just got mine today. am loving it. im sure you will too! Love the fact that it's vintage.
  10. Oh wow! Do you have pictures of yours? I'd love to see it actually on someone.

    And yesss, I love the vintage flaps. I think I'm going for a vintage jumbo flap next. I love the dramatic CCs and the fact that the lambskin is apparently more durable than the new ones!