What Bag Is This

  1. somebody help me- what bag is this miss beyonce is carrying? i live in dallas, tx and im stumped. we have every bag known to man here.
    mystery bag.jpg
  2. Chances are, it's a House of Dereon bag... she is almost always pictured wearing one of her own.
  3. i already checked. its not a house of dereon. and if you check beyoncedaily.org you can see better pictures. she actually carries quite a few couture bags. she even has the $52,000 vuitton patchwork tribute as well as other limited editions. I know that this bag is relatively high end ( more than $1,000) because i have seen it before i just cant remember where. please keep looking for me thanks!!!
  4. Good luck on the hunt!
  5. I am always impressed with the ladies here at TPF for the keen eye and being able to identify bags...I am not worthy.
  6. I know. Ladies at TPF know so many bags! I have never heard of Bracher Emden until today. I checked http://mememeaccessories.com and these bags are quite expensive!
  7. mockinglee YOU SO rock. i cant tell you how bad this has been doggin me. i read all the replies and im actually glad to have found a bag i like under $1500. i dont have many of those under 1500 much to the chagrin of my husband!!!!!
  8. Eh, I can't take much credit. Someone asked about it in a previous thread and I just remembered. Beyonce has a few of those boob bags.

  9. mockinglee - you rock! You've got a computer chip for a brain that stores lots of memory, hon! More often than not - you're the gal that has the answers for these questions!