what bag is this?

  1. Hello all!
    What bag is this and how much does it retail for?
    Should I buy it? ugh...I really want a reissue though...
    Is this the bag that courtney cox wears in all the pics here?
  2. I think it's the hybrid bag. Distressed caviar (super soft) with MM lock. I have the white one and I love it. I might have to get the black too!! :smile:
  3. Here is another pic of the chain close up...
  4. hmmm.....i was all ready to post that it is the "hybrid" bag also (i.e. classic w/ mademoiselle lock in washed calfskin) however upon closer inspection, the chain looks like the reissue chain. The "hybrid's" chain is more like the bijoux chain introduced in s/s 06, except more vintage/darker/aged looking and slightly thicker but very similar chain links. BTW the hybrid is $2595 approx. I was going to buy it in black as well so I was able to inspect it in the boutique.

    Sorry i couldn't be more help. Maybe send the photo to your SA for assistance.
  5. Could this bag be fake???
  6. Do you have a closeup of the leather? Something bigger/more blown up? Looks weird.
  7. couple more pics...
    4c8f_0.JPG.jpg 233b_0.JPG.jpg
  8. Why are they so small?
  9. The bag looks like some of the distressed /washed flap bags, but the chain is a reissue chain? Is there a style number? Never seen one of these.
  10. It looks fake to me. And the seller called it a rock and chain bag, which it is not...looks like a fake of a reissue
  11. yup!
    As I go through the threads. I believe more and more that this is fake.
  12. and someone bought it :tdown:
  13. Well actually. that someone didn't pay for it so the seller contacted me if I was still interested....
    Glad I posted on here:yahoo:
  14. :yucky:fake...